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Rank among the Highest for Guest Satisfaction to Digital-first Customers

Push Notification

Give your Customers All Information they Want, at their Fingertip.

Still operating with analogue function in the digital world? Distinguish your services by dynamically uploading hotel amenities on a scalable Touree dashboard. Streamline the hotel services management through the interactive medium of push-notifications.

Get Access to Really Up-to-Date Customer Information

With Touree dashboard, you can get more than just a slice of customer behaviour. Track your customers’ ‘with-in app’ behaviour through the dashboard and use complete insights to accommodate an influx of guests.

Updated Customer Information
Marketing Messages Optimisation

A Bird’s Eye View of Right Marketing Opportunities

Touree makes sense of all customer data you get access to, whether it’s in the form of the custom itinerary or the range of room services customers preferred over the time. Gathering all these insights, you can optimise your marketing message for better business.

A Dashboard with Analytics to Amaze Guest Experiences

Ameliorate Your Concierge Services in Real-time, with No Human Intervention, via Simple Dashboard

  • Comprehensive View

    The efficiencies of the hotel staff are enhanced with a convenient overview of guest details. The Touree dashboard gives a single view of all-important customer metrics, to help you keep it all straight – even when the influx of new customers is high.

  • User Listing

    Get a summary view for every significant detail of guests staying in your hotel to offer best-suited services including their personal details like the nature of their visit - whether its holiday or for professional endeavours.

  • Real-time Push Notifications

    Different Customers requests raised through the Touree app are updated in the dashboard through push notifications. Hotel staff can organise these requests to ensure timely service delivery.

  • Streamline Amenity Bookings

    Touree offers efficient management of customer requests booking through a user-friendly interface. It offers the ability to streamline the booking procedure as well as provides additional insights for quality management.

  • Engage to Entertain with AI Chatbot

    Touree mobile app’s built-in chatbot directs all service requests to the notification panel of the dashboard. It will help you discover & deliver unique offerings on the basis of your customers’ concentrated interests.

  • Translate Insights into Informed Decisions

    With an analytical view into most sought amenities and a comprehensive view of services availed by a customer, identify best sellers across various service categories & identify the areas that require improvement.

Touree Dashboard

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Everything you expect from a Virtual Concierge

  • Higher Cross Sell

    With a direct way of connecting with your staying guests, hotels are able to provide the right offers of amenities. The guests spend less time browsing around and hotels generate more revenue from F&B, Spa and other facilities within hotels.

  • Higher Retention

    With a direct method to collect the data and keep in touch with customers, Hotels are able to increase the repeat purchase rate directly with the customers.

  • Say no to OTA

    Have a direct connection with your customers and maintain communication. Guests book directly with the hotels saving OTA Commission.

  • Better Ratings

    Touree identifies Happy guests and asks them to leave positive reviews thereby increasing the hotel’s visibility. This brings additional revenue in the form of new guests increasing the occupancy